Dr. Alejandro Mespres
Dr. Alejandro Mesples
Chief Science Officer (C.S.O.)

Dr. Mesples obtained his medical degree in Argentina and made his fellow (AFSA) in Cardiovascular Pathology at Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, France (Civil Hospital) and Interventional Cardiology in University of Barcelona, Spain (Hospital of Bellvitge). He was Head of the Department of Interventional Cardiology at Public Hospitals in Argentina. San Isidro Hospital, Buenos Aires University. Principal Investigator of the Ministry of Health of Argentina (INCUCAI) in Diabetes Protocols. Scientific Advisor, Researcher and Director of Research Units with biological products in Stematix – Houston, Texas (USA), Shenzhen Beike (China), Biotech Corp and Senior Medical Director in FundaciónCencis (Central America and Caribe). Dr. Mesples has immersed himself in bioscience research since 2005. He is an international expert on the use of bone-marrow stem-cells in patients with type-1 diabetes, peripheral vasculopathy and diabetes complication. Dr. Mesples’ is owner of patent WO2010062999 DIABETES CELL THERAPY and WO2011114218A3 – Endograft with cultured stem cells. Important works have been published in leading international medical journals and presented at numerous medical conferences. This experience is mentioned in three Metaanalisis about the stem cells treatment in Diabetes that involve more than 1500 patients around the world. Stem Cell Bahamas Diabetes treatment protocols are based on pioneering works of Dr. Alejandro Daniel Mesples. He is a gifted Interventional Cardiologist, with Medical License in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, accredited by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) from United States.

Dr. Sy Coolidge-Pierre
Dr. Sy Coolidge-Pierre
Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Pierre’s professional career began as a pharmacist, followed by medical school, anesthesia residency and a fellowship in Cardiac & Thoracic Anesthesia at New York University.
He was a medical team member that performed the first adult open-heart surgery, first pediatric open-heart surgery and the first transplant surgery in The Bahamas. As an anesthesiologist, he saw first-hand the end results of chronic degenerative diseases and noted that modern medicine is more concerned with disease maintenance and treatment of symptoms, than maintenance of health and cure. This led Dr. Pierre on a journey to look for the root causes of the chronic degenerative diseases that have become epidemic in the modern world. It was surprising to learn that many diseases could be prevented and treated by changes in diet, judicious use of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise, detoxification and safe, non-toxic therapeutic modalities. For Dr. Pierre, the Blake Integrative Medical Clinic is the culmination of continued medical education in the areas of nutrition, orthomolecular, bio-energy, bio-oxidative and bio-molecular medicine. This clinic allows him the opportunity to share this knowledge with patients, and perhaps, not see them on the operating table in the future.

Membership Societies
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology
International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine
American College for the Advancement of Medicine
Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine
American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine
Pharmacy, B.Sc.
St. John's University
Queens, New York
Doctor of Medicine
Meharry Medical College
Nashville, Tennessee
Anesthesia Residency
University of Illinois & Cook County Hospitals
Chicago, Illinois
Cardiac & Thoracic Anesthesia Fellowship
New York University
New York, New York
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