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Stem Cell Bahamas Stem Cell Bahamas Stem Cell Bahamas

Stem Cell Bahamas welcomes international patients, who meet criteria for treatment. Doctors Hospital Blake Road has experience with international patients, achieving excellent results. To ensure an optimal patient experience, Stem Cell Bahamas assures turnkey support of customers services, while focusing on treatment, research and education.

Our Representatives accompany international patients to facilitate any activity in the city.

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Our protocols have Authorization and Control of National Stem Cell Ethics Committee (NSCEC) / Government of The Bahamas.
Stem Cell Bahamas
It is an organization dedicated to safe, ethical, efficacious and affordable patient care, research and education in Diabetes and Complications. Our Clinical Centre is based in Nassau, The Bahamas.
Our Vision
We believe Regenerative Medicine will change the current medical standards of care, offering viable alternatives for treating Chronic diseases, like Diabetes, and improve the quality of life of patients.
Our Mission
To offer diabetic patients, and Institutions, therapeutic options using autologous bone marrow stem cells, other cells and growth factor. We provide innovative treatments backed by extensive clinical research, significant scientific evidence and government approvals. We are accessible and ethical in providing high level treatments for patients with Diabetes and its complications.